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Why Invest in Quix Bottles?

QUIX-tradeshowQuix Products is a newly formed Consumer Brand company created to make and market healthy and innovative dual container formula storage bottles. Quix will begin marketing and distributing its first patented and trademarked baby bottles and sport bottles products in 2013. The product line will be distinguished by our innovation and focus on the needs of today’s increasingly aware consumer and the environmental and health concerns that are currently under-served by today’s traditional brands.

As an investor, you will ride the leading edge of new bottle technology and position yourself with a self-invested entrepreneur who has completed all due diligence and set the stage for success. Our patented bottle solution is the only product poised to hit the market and enable busy, on-the-go parents to QUICKLY feed hungry infants while on the run.

Our patented twist-and-shake valve technology enables parents to keep formula separate from water until ready to use. This innovation solves the problem of speed required to satisfy a hungry, crying baby, while also ensuring that formula is always fresh and safe for baby and reducing post-consumer waste. The Quix Bottle simplifies the feeding process, so keeping Quix Bottles on hand lowers stress for parents and children.

Our business model makes it possible for manufacturers to enjoy residuals on sales, which we believe will contribute to overall product acceptance as we roll out our sales plan.

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