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About QUIX

Quix Products, LLC is an emerging Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company that has developed a revolutionary baby bottle, the Quix quick-mix bottle. This product solves the problem of limited shelf life of mixed Quix Bottleformula by keeping the powder and liquid separate until the moment of need. The Quix Bottle is a patented, multiple award-winning product that provides busy, on-the-go parents with a new level of ease of use offered by no other bottle while improving health and safety. “Just Twist n Shake”

Innovation awards & recognition for Quix include: 

•Florida Trend Magazine; Person to Watch
•Inaugural Gary R. Cunningham Entrepreneurial Award
•Gold Merit award at INPEX
•TOP 50 Perfect Business Pitch

Our Story
Quix was founded by Travis Peres and his wife, Theresa. It all began while dining out one night with their infant son; Travis noticed how inconvenient and messy it was for his wife to prepare a bottle of formula while their son was crying. There’s nothing like a crying, hungry baby to get a parent thinking, “There has to be a better way.”
Necessity, “the mother of invention,” spurred Peres to launch Quix Products. The Quix Bottle™ (which is a play on the words “quick” and “mix”) contains a unique patent mixing system that consists of an upper and lower container separated by a valve. One container holds water and the other holds powered baby formula. The user pre-pours the water into the top portion of the bottle, and dry baby formula into the lower container. When it comes time to feed the child, opening the valve combines the two very quickly with a simple twist and shake, making it convenient anytime, anywhere.
For me, the best part about developing the Quix Bottle is when I get to help create a product that people truly benefit from, and see it in use. The joy is seeing something from an idea to the finished product in someone’s hand. The thrill is witnessing the smile on their face and the enduring delight that comes with a well-designed product. A well thought out design can literally change a life; it’s a feeling like no other.
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